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To: Prospective Property Owners

Re: Renegade Mountain Current Facts and Data

 Welcome: “Quite possibly the best place to live in Tennessee” is our slogan and this Fact and Data Sheet is designed to show why this is not just a slogan but a state of mind.  Renegade Mountain comprises Renegade Resort which currently consists of approximately 1,200 acres in platted lots and infrastructure surrounded by an 1800 acre conservation easement (can never be developed) of pristine woodlands.  Renegade Mountain is located on the beautiful and unique Cumberland Plateau in the heart of Tennessee.  There are currently 1361 platted lots/living units that range from smaller “membership” lots at the bottom of the mountain (elevation 1900’) to one-five acre lots to larger building lots at the top (elevation 2680’) many sporting 60-100 miles views.  In closing, think about this…when the virgin winds sweep down off the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, they don’t encounter a single obstacle on their 2,000 mile journey east until they gently sway the wind chimes on your porch.  Welcome to Renegade Mountain!

Location: Renegade Mountain is located on the Cumberland Plateau, a 40 mile wide, 1900’ elevated land mass that runs from northern Alabama to West Virginia.  Renegade’s location is close to the eastern escarpment of the Plateau which is the dividing line between the Eastern and Central Time Zones.  The community of Crab Orchard sits at the base of Renegade Mountain and the County Seat of Cumberland County, Crossville, lies 10 miles to the west.  Knoxville lies 50 miles to the east via I40, Nashville lies 120 miles to the west via I40 and Chattanooga lies 70 miles to the south via US 27; on a clear day all three areas can be see from Renegade’s summit. 

The Area: The area is nature at its best, and therefore outdoor activities abound.  The Plateau is home to Big South Fork National Recreation Area, Obed Wild and Scenic River, Catoosa Wildlife Area, well, you get the picture.  If you like hiking, biking, four wheeling, fishing or hunting, it literally exists at your doorstep; swimming underneath the 110’ Ozone Waterfall is located just two minutes from our entrance…quite an experience.  Even though nature abounds here, people and their sense of “community” are the Plateau’s biggest asset…the vast majority being warm, friendly and helpful.  Due to its rugged terrain, the Plateau area was not readily accessible until Interstate 40 traversed the Plateau in the late 1970’s.  Therefore, visiting Crossville and the surrounding area is like traveling 25 years back in time.  There are no large malls, but the downtown areas thrive; there are few “chain” restaurants, but dozens of “mom and pop” places that serve real home cooked meals; there are no “connectors” to relieve traffic, just “Main” street or the “four lane” where almost everything can be found; there is no “hustle and bustle”, just time to stop on the street and talk to your banker.  Summed up, the area is the best kept secret of places to live…Shsss!

Brief History: If you like history, you’re in the right place!  Renegade Mountain (officially Haley’s Mountain) was the summer hunting grounds for the Cherokee.  It is the unofficial starting point for the Trail of Tears and site of the last Indian battle “east of the Mississippi”.  Many artifacts are still found here today and the mountain possesses an Indian burial ground.  Thomas (Big Foot) Spencer was the first white settler to the area; his 220 year old grave marker and historical marker adjoin the entrance to Renegade Mountain.  Renegade Resort was formed in the 1960’s by the “renegade” bankers and financers who swarmed to the new “wilderness” to build the next best retirement resort.  Over the years Renegade has hosted a ski resort and a world class golf course, but through developer mismanagement and several bankruptcies, the mountain has reverted back to its more natural state and beauty.

Geology: Normally a boring geology discussion would be inappropriate, but the Plateau’s geology is anything but boring.  The Plateau’s eastern escarpment experienced nature’s forces so extreme that the layers of rock actually folded over upon one another until they rested upside down.  Here, on the Plateau, limestone is mined and sandstone is quarried, just the opposite of everywhere else in the world.  Over centuries, the overhead pressure of the limestone made the sandstone hard and durable while the limestone water and minerals permeated and colored the sandstone.  Together these factors produce the famous and colorful Crab Orchard Stone which is quarried only here and exists no where else in the world.  It can be seen in the White House, Rockefeller Center, Frank Lloyd Wright designs and is shipped around the world.  Why is this important?  Renegade Mountain is comprised of millions of tons of Crab Orchard Stone, and while some people may pay a hefty price for this unique stone, you can pick it up on your lot for free!  Crab Orchard, “the stone capital of Tennessee” literally lies beneath you!

The Mountain: Renegade Resort consists of approximately 1200 acres in developed lots, 120 acres in a golf course (closed), 1800 acres which is part of a private conservation easement, and among other unique features, has two waterfalls and nine ponds with fish.  There are 6000 acres of undeveloped wilderness adjoining Renegade Resort’s southern boundary.  While driving the 1.3 mile loop around the summit, you might witness a sunrise over Knoxville (50 miles), watch a thunderstorm pounding Kentucky (60 miles), marvel at a sunset over Nashville (100+ miles) or just admire the blue haze over the Smokey Mountains (90 miles).  In addition to long distance scenic views and natural beauty at every turn, the mountain offers two other notable attributes; weather and wildlife.  At 2680’ elevation, we make our own weather!  A winter condition called “ice fog” coats everything (even spider webs) in a thin coat of ice that shimmers and glistens in the sun as it melts.  Yes, it snows up here (snow plow and salt spreaders on site), but not to worry, a local adage says that “nothing melts faster than Tennessee snow!”   On the brighter side, summers offer cool breezes, and the temperature here has only broken the ninety degree mark twice.  And last, but certainly not least, is our abundant wildlife…it’s simply amazing.  Residents routinely see deer, turkeys, hawks and eagles and if you’re more observant you might see our bear, bobcats, coyotes, badger and yes, even that occasional rattlesnake.  In short, our mountain is a unique and mystical place to live and offers adventure every day of the week.

The RMCC: The Renegade Mountain Community Club (RMCC) is the homeowners’ association for Renegade Resort.  Since its origin in 1972, the RMCC was controlled by the various developers of the mountain, and until recently, was inactive and ineffective.  In September, 2011, a group of residents and property owners (now totaling almost 300) took back control of the RMCC and are now operating it in the interests of the mountain’s residents and property owners.  The mountain’s corporate owners, as you might expect, vehemently objected to this change in control, and proceeded to block many of our attempts to affect progress.  In full disclosure, in December 2011, the Board of Directors filed a declaratory and breach of fiduciary responsibility lawsuit against the corporate owners; this lawsuit is currently proceeding and should come to trial in 2014.  Each property, unless it meets certain grandfathered conditions (Pre-1972), is subject to annual dues ranging from $75 for a “membership” lot to $220 for a living unit.  The RMCC currently provides control, safety and security of all common areas within Renegade Resort and provides oversight of the Resort’s amenities.

Amenities:  In general, many of the physical amenities of the mountain were mismanaged and dismantled over the years.  While there are currently 141 living units in Renegade Resort, and almost 55 families claim Renegade as there home year round, the population density is insufficient to warrant some standard amenities.  For instance, there is no mail delivery available, however, as a result, each resident is authorized a free postal mailbox in Crab Orchard.  There is no school bus service or trash pickup, but the bus stop and refuse transfer station are both located close to the bottom of the mountain.

            Golf Course: The course, once ranked #8 in Tennessee, is currently closed and not maintained.  Dependent on Court approval, there are plans to reopen nine holes of the course in the near future.

            Sports Park: There is a redesigned and refurbished pool.  It is currently closed, but plans are underway to open it again in 2015; two tennis courts are available, are playable and will be upgraded in 2015.  A small playground and picnic area are also available.

            Roads: There are approximately 10 miles of roadways, half of them being paved and in fair condition.  The 30 year old roads are periodically maintained using asphalt patch and cement; they are safe but are lacking in appearance.  There are plans to pave/repave portions of the road each year, but this will prove to be a lengthy process.

            Gate Security: Renegade was always a gated community since the 1970’s.  In 2010, the corporate owners dismantled gate security, but plans are in place to install an unmanned (Gate and Video) security system immediately after the legal issues are resolved.

            Utilities: Electric, high speed internet, telephone, cell phone, cable and satellite services are all available.  Sewer is also available in some areas.

                        Water:  Water is currently provided by Laurel Hills Condominiums POA who operates the private water system for Renegade Resort.  They receive treated “city” water from the local utility district, pump it up the mountain and then distribute it through seven miles of piping.  As you might expect, pumping water up and around a mountain is an expensive proposition; our current water rates are a flat (un-metered) rate of $33.10 per month per living unit.  Again, in full disclosure, the water system has had past management issues which caused about 100 customers to file a legal suit against the water system’s owners in February 2012.  The Tennessee Regulatory Authority intervened and denied Laurel Hills a license to operate a water system and instructed Laurel Hills to divest (sell) its interests in the water system.  Laurel Hills appealed that ruling which was denied by the Court of Appeals.  Laurel Hills appealed the denial to the TN Supreme Court which is not expected to take the case.  The rate and flow of quality water to residents of Renegade Mountain are now mandated and protected by two court orders.

                        Septic:  While almost every lot will perk test, it may not “perk” for the size of the desired house or permit the desired location of the house on a particular lot.  The perk (septic) regulations have recently changed, so basically you now need about twice the area dedicated to your sewer’s leach field than before 2005.   

Community: By far, community is the biggest asset of Renegade Mountain.  The residents, mostly early retirees, come from a very diverse background, and while they prize their independence and privacy, they are always quick to come to the aid of a neighbor in need…any need.  Current residents include authors, artists, military, engineers, consultants, nurses, doctors and professors who willingly volunteer their time for the greater good of their community.  This may involve anything from grabbing a loaf of bread at the store for a neighbor to the “resident” nurse checking in on someone with the flu.  Our residents sponsor a community garden; walking, running and bike riding groups; and four wheeling adventures while the RMCC collectively hosts mountain work days and sponsors monthly social events for residents/guests.

Conclusion: If you value scenic beauty, ildlife viewing and a sense of community over the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you probably have just found your new home and community.  We certainly have had our share of problems, and there are more bumps in the road ahead, but with the diverse experience and undying commitment of our residents, Renegade Resort will surely continue to prosper and grow.  Come experience “Life Elevated at 2700 Feet”.  Welcome to your new home…Renegade Mountain!


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Mail: RMCC, 848 Livingston Road, Suite 101, #55 PMB, Crossville, TN 38555

Phone: 931-484-2354 or 931-200-2411



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