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    What a great year 2014 was for our mountain community.  Amazingly, with some legal issues still unresolved, and at the end of a terrible recession, we can boast that three homes, five condominiums and seventeen lots were sold in 2014…not too shabby.  These sales netted significant value for the seller’s and great opportunities for the buyers.  2014 also brought an increase in our fulltime population which now stands at approximately 55 families.  Even more amazing, we have new construction beginning in early 2015 in the Eagle’s Nest sub-development; these homes nearer the bottom of the mountain (2100’) are one level retirement homes in the 1400-1600 sqft range.   The take away here is that we still have a Renegade Mountain house, condo or lot reserved in YOUR name!  

    Let’s take a closer look at some of our 2014 accomplishments.  After 35 years of patching the roads, we began modest paving operations on the worst of the worst areas; a long way to go, but it’s a start.  Facebook now has 449 “likes”, why not be #450…”like” us today.  We now have 2.2 miles of walking, biking and running trails up and operating, complete with signs and maps.  Last Halloween we opened and dedicated these trails and provided all members and guests with seasonal music, refreshments and hayrides; it was indeed a community in action.  We now have a promotional video on Youtube!  Contrary to the posted comments, every single picture used in this video was taken right here on our mountain.  Please take time to view the Youtube video ( to see just what you’re missing by NOT living here.  I could talk about our monthly newsletters, scheduled social events, Open House and on, and on, but you get the idea…we practice “community” every day of the year.  

    We look forward to 2015 and our Third Annual Open House on Saturday, May 30th (12:00 to 5:00 CDT) and another successful event.  We hope to make this event bigger and better than ever by adding some vendors to our venue this year.  Our overall goal in 2015 is to continue doing everything we’ve been doing over the past four years, just doing it better and more efficient.  We now have a marketing brochure ready to launch and our first billboard in the design phase.  Our website is scheduled for a makeover this summer, making it much more user friendly.  Our 2015 individual goals are to increase our home, condo and lot sales over our 2014 figures (see above), get our first new home built and sold, and increase our fulltime population to 60 families or more.  We have built/found a combination of people and community that can’t be replicated but for a few choice/hidden locations across our great Country.  Isn’t this something you should to be a part of?  

       Mountain living is great, but it’s not for everyone.  We have some snow to deal with and you need to respect our wildlife, but on the flip side, we have 40-50 postcard sunsets and sunrises each year, 60-100 mile views in all directions and sights that very few people will ever witness.  To reiterate again, we still have our share of problems to overcome, but with the community we’ve built thus far, it’s just a matter of time.  See why “Life Elevated at 2700 Feet” isn’t just our slogan it’s our way of life…every day.  Welcome to Renegade Mountain, quite possibly the best place to live!

       Please take the time to click on our “News” tab to view our 2015 budget and 2015 budget notes.  Click on the “About Us” tab to see a three page fact sheet on Renegade Mountain and our mountain community.  If you like what you’ve seen/read, click on the “Contact Us” tab to request more information, ask a question, schedule a visit or request a free tour of our mountain.


John Moore


We are always looking to serve our members. Give us a call anytime, or just stop by.

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