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  Winter here was impressive, but it is long gone.  As so often happens, a hard winter makes an equally impressive spring, and such was the case this year.  Plenty of rain brought lasting green to our mountain for several months until recently when the summer heat finally reached our peak.  Recently in late July my wife and I left the oppressive heat of Vero Beach, FL and drove all day, reaching our mountain home late that same night.  Upon arrival, the mountain air was so cool that we couldn’t even leave the windows open; now that’s real mountain life in July! 

  We held our Second Annual Open House on Saturday, May 24th and what a success it was.  Last year we estimated that we had about 300 people roaming around the mountain during the Open House.  We were actually caught off guard and failed to have the mechanisms in place to satisfy their needs, desires and questions.  This year we had only about have of that number, but we almost achieved 100% efficiency in “channeling” them to the proper destinations.   As a direct and indirect result of the Open House, in the last year alone, 6 condos (2 more in process), 4 houses (2 more close) and 9 lots were sold.  Our thanks go out to Landsford Kawasaki, Happy Hound Realty and the Cumberland Point Condominium Association for their continued help and support.  Our property values are once again on the rise!

   A major milestone was reached around June of this year when the fulltime population breached the 50 family mark and it didn’t stop there.  We now sport a fulltime population closer to 55 families and growing, with two more families scheduled to move here this fall.  As a result, in early August, we hosted a Welcome Party for all the newcomers to the mountain which was very well attended.  The food at these events is simply incredible and the newcomer’s dishes certainly proved the theory that “you must be able to cook to live high atop a mountain”.  It’s not a real surprise, as the mountain has something for everyone, from five acre wooded lots to ¾ acre lots with a million dollar view and all underground utilities…and everything in between.  Come, Explore, Stay.

  We certainly have our issues, but we continue to provide for the safety and security of our residents as we take the fight to those entities that threaten our way of life.  Your Board is now prosecuting or defending a total of five legal actions.  All their actions are directed at protecting your property values and your way of life.  Our residents have prevailed in two of the five actions involving threats to our city water system, which is now stable and continues to operate by delivering safe drinking water at a reasonable fee.  We continue to battle the remaining legal actions on your behalf and will prevail on those as well.  The RMCC is poised to provide increased benefits and amenities to its property owners, members and residents pending the conclusion of these remaining legal actions.  The wheels of justice certainly do turn slowly at times!  

  I might close here by stating that we have several upcoming important announcements, and while I can’t expound upon them just yet, you will want to check back later this year for an update.  Please come and visit our mountain community, stay for a while, take the tour and I can assure you that, you too will want to live “Life Elevated at 2700 Feet”.


John Moore



We are always looking to serve our members. Give us a call anytime, or just stop by.

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Renegade Mountain Community Club
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