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    Welcome to 2014 and our beautiful mountain community!  Although we are deep into winter here at 2700 feet elevation, the beauty and wildlife have not taken a winter vacation.  The ice fog, where everything from the trees and twigs to the spider webs, and even dust bunnies are coated with a thin layer of ice, remains a spectacular sight and never loses its astonishment; the sunrises that make every single ice crystal shimmer in unison; the magnificent sunsets overlaying an approaching storm from the west; and the clear dark night skies that show thousands of stars not visible from lower elevations…well you get the picture.  The activities of 50 or so fulltime families that now reside here definitely slow down, but the beauty of Renegade Mountain marches forth as it has for a millennium or more.  


            Our mountain saw a huge change last December when much of the land surrounding the 1351 platted lots, and almost all of the land not suitable for development, was placed into a conservation easement.  This contractual agreement is one where the owners, in exchange for tax breaks and other consideration from certain conservation groups, agrees to not develop the acreage described in the contract.  The easement runs in perpetuity, meaning that any new owner(s) of the land must also abide by the restrictions put in place by the easement.  This is a private conservation easement which is not “open” to the general public.  While the RMCC, which was not consulted during these negotiations, hopes that this conservation easement is a great benefit to its members and property owners, there is some potentially troubling language in the 200 page document.  Your Directors and Officers continue to evaluate these potential issues, as well as develop potential courses of action to mitigate their impact.


            The 2013 Open House was a huge success by any measure and plans are in the works to host a second annual Open House on May 24th of this year...we hope to see all of you there.  The self-guided tours of the mountain using provided maps, the “Tour of Homes”, the guided tours, featuring the history, current status, scenic views and the geology of our mountain home and the barbeque dinner were all big hits and will be continued this year.  The 2013 Open House directly contributed to some sporadic sales of homes and lots and we see the 2014 Open House as being even more promising.  As such, we will again have the legitimate developer, our preferred realtor and preferred builder on site to assist everyone and answer any questions.  So mark May 24, 2014 in your calendar now and plan on attending.    


            We continue to provide for the safety and security of our residents as we take the fight to those entities that threaten our way of life.  Your Board is now prosecuting or defending a total of five legal actions, all directed at protecting your property values and your way of life.  Our residents have prevailed in two of the five actions involving threats to our city water system which is now stable and continues to operate delivering safe drinking water at a reasonable fee.  We continue to battle the remaining legal actions on your behalf and will prevail on those as well.  The RMCC is poised to provide increased benefits and amenities to its property owners, members and residents pending the conclusion of these other legal actions.  The wheels of justice certainly do turn slowly at times!  


                        So as you can see, “Life Elevated at 2700 Feet”, continues all four seasons of the year.   In closing, think about this…when the virgin winds sweep down off the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, they won’t encounter a single obstacle on their 2,000 mile journey to the east until they gently sway the wind chimes on your porch.  Welcome to Renegade Mountain!



John Moore



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